The AFA and Me

It has come to my attention that the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) has reprinted a portion of one of my old blog posts (written several years ago, when I was still a member of the AFA) on their own website. When I realized they had done so, I asked them to take it down, because the presence of my post on their website implies a connection and endorsement that no longer exists.

Since the AFA has declined to remove my copyrighted material from their website, I thought it would be prudent to issue a clarification here.

To make things perfectly clear, I am no longer a member of the AFA, I do not endorse the AFA in any way, and I completely repudiate the AFA. My previous support of the organization was made at a time when it still disavowed actual racism. In my opinion, they have done enormous harm to Folkish Asatru by allowing racists and White supremacists into their organization. Folkish Asatru is not inherently racist, but the AFA has made it nearly impossible to make the distinction between Folkish and racist, to the point where I have felt it necessary to give up the Folkish label myself.

It is completely possible to be Folkish and not racist. In my opinion, the AFA has forgotten that simple truth.

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